Harness the power of your personal narrative and authentic leadership style.

What challenges—internal and external—are holding you back from taking the next step in your career? Frontier Academy’s Women’s Leadership Series was created to help you answer these questions and to help you craft a personal narrative so you can take control of your career.

You may have participated in leadership development programs before, but none were built to specifically to help women address and overcome the unique challenges they face in the workplace.



The Women’s Leadership Series comprises three full-day sessions:


Session 1: SELF

Discover how to strengthen your leadership skills through the practice of mindfulness.

Session 2: SELF + OTHER

Explore relationship dynamics, communication, and how polarities define every interpersonal interaction.


Gain tools and insights into how to align your vision with your teams and organizations in a way that is authentic to your leadership style.


Who should apply?

The Women's Leadership Series was designed for women in leadership roles looking to grow both personally and professionally. We are looking for bold, open-minded, curious women leaders in the community.

Why is there an application?

Our goal for each cohort is to bring together women who represent a variety of backgrounds and organizations in order to enrich the learning experience. Each application is carefully reviewed by a selection committee to ensure the best possible experience for participants.

The price for the series is $3,500/person.



Q2 2019 Richmond, VA Series Dates:

Thursday, April 25th | Thursday, May 23rd | Thursday, June 20th

Applications due March 28th.


Fill out the application below.

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Should you have any questions, please email Jess Erwin.