The Women’s Leadership Series is a unique experience that invites female leaders to take an honest look in the mirror and allows them to discover the courage to take new action.

Participants walk away with a clearer understanding of self, tools to lead and develop others, concrete visions for their role as a female leader, and confidence in their ability to positively impact their organization. The Women’s Leadership Series is gritty and slightly uncomfortable at times and is guaranteed to energize women in a way that refreshes their perspective, career, and leadership.



The Women's Leadership Series is comprised of 3 sessions.


Session 1: SELF

Women experience a day dedicated to discovering themselves and exploring how they can contribute to their success in leadership through the practice of mindfulness. 

Session 2: SELF + OTHER

In the second workshop, we focus on a woman’s relationship with others. We ground participants in relationship dynamics and unpack courage and polarities in leadership.


To round out the series, women spend the day gaining tools and insights into how to align their vision with their teams and organizations in a way that is authentic to their leadership style.


The Women's Leadership Series is ideal for any woman looking to grow and activate her true self in order to become a more effective leader. Because of that, the Women’s Leadership Series has a thoughtful admissions process. For each series, a selection committee chooses a group of women who represent a variety of backgrounds and organizations in order to enrich the learning experience. We are looking for bold, open-minded, curious women leaders in the community to participate.

The price for the series is $3,500/person.



Q4 2018 Richmond, VA Series Dates:

Wednesday, October 17th   |   Wednesday, November 14th   |   Wednesday, December 12th


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