Building a Customer-Centric Team

  • The Frontier Project Studio // Richmond, VA 3005 West Marshall Street Richmond, VA, 23230 United States

Every business exists to address the acute needs of their customer, but the more removed our teams are from the end user or the more focused they are on production and numbers, the more difficult it is for them to keep the customer top-of-mind. Further, taking ownership of a customer’s situation and providing a seamless experience are near impossible without strong team dynamics built on trust, cooperation, and communication.

This workshop is designed to help team leaders and managers build a customer-centric culture by challenging the way their teams fundamentally view and interact with customers and each other. To help teams better empathize with and maintain a sense of urgency around customer needs, we teach how to instill a shared sense of purpose around anticipating, meeting, and exceeding those needs. Participants will also learn how to establish shared team norms that build trust and enable employees to embrace both successes and failures as opportunities to learn and improve.

Your customer likely has a lot of choices in the marketplace. Our job is to make sure they can’t imagine doing business without you.